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Native Artists In Residence

Authentic Native Art, Pottery, Sculpture, Jewelry 


Wellknown Buffalo Living Culture Campus (WKB) is located on the frontage road of  I-90 east of Billings, Montana.  Its proximity to Little Big Horn Battlefield and  Warrior Trail Highway 12 makes it the perfect stop for tourists, history buffs, and Native artists.


WKB welcomes artists and often hosts them for limited stays, art shows and art classes.  Our gift shop has an everchanging selection of authentic art, pottery, jewelry and sculptures by artists from numerous tribes.

Whether you are drawn to traditional beading or contemporary artists, WKB has something for everyone.

Our multi tribal selection of both traditional and contemporary pieces offer visitors a selection that represents generational craftsmanship as well as creative new expressions by up and coming artists. All of our artists honor their ancestors and cultural heritage using their personal artistic expression.


Authentic Native American art can be expensive and this expense is a sign that you are not purchasing imitation manufactured wares. We prefer to work directly with the artists and we pride ourselves in paying a fair price that allows artists to make a living practicing their craft.

Our Resident Artists have included:

Birdie Real Bird

Real Bird is descended from beaders and warriors. Her father, Jim Real Bird, was the grandson of Annie Medicine Crow-Real Bird and Frank Bethune. Annie, known as a skilled beadworker and kind woman who helped raise many of her grandchildren, was the only daughter of Chief Medicine Crow.

Currently offering online beading and moccasin making classes.


Ron Yazzie

Ronald Night Walker Yazzie "Hidahwauhnisto” or Howling Buffalo Is Cheyenne, Arapaho, Navajo, Irish, Spanish Moor, Oglala Lakota, Pawnee and Zuni, a true product of all indigenous Nations.  Ron has been surrounded by artists and Native ceremony his whole life. He works in stone, sandstone, marble, wood and lapidary. He also makes jewelry, ledger art, and pottery. 


Jackie Stewart

Jackie learned the art of beadwork from her grandmother and aunts. "Beading is a form of therapy for myself and with each stitch I say a prayer. As an MSW, I use beading with children and adults as a tool for therapeutic purposes."

Jackie Stewart.jpg

Sheldon Fitzpatrick

An “Artist in Healing", Sheldon considers himself on a pathway to healing as he draws his inspiration from the death of his son and the trauma in his own life. 

"My art is my spiritual therapy. I like to experiment with with color and shape. The life of my son, Taylor, inspires me. Taylor was a warrior in his own way and I am sure he continues in 'the other camp'. I put my energy from grief and loss  into my work. Taylor was my heart and soul"."

Sheldon is a multimedia artist. He was born, raised and lives on the Crow Indian Reservation. His Indian Name is “Lucky Boy.”  

Evan Pretty on Top

Evan Pretty on Top

Evan Pretty on Top is a full blood seasoned Crow traditional artist in beadwork, painting, jewelry and feather work. Born in the Valley of the Chiefs, his Indian name is Ko Xe Sua, One They Can’t Catch. He is from the Big Lodge Clan and a Child of the Ties the Bundle Clan. He is inspired by the Crow way of life and the sound of the healing drum.

Mother/Daughter Team

Katherine Eriacho and Frankie Charley

are jewelry artists from Ramah, New Mexico.   They work with stone and silver. Katherine is also a traditional rug weaver and has her own herd of sheep.

(Although they have not yet been resident artists, we have offered their exquisite jewelry for many years.)

Jimmy Starkey

Jimmy is a Lakota artist, humanitarian and indigenous activist. He reminds us all of who we are and of our treaty rights. His art is for the people. His style is both masterful and motivating. In addition to painting, Jimmy is also a musician and makes instruments.

Jim Starkeycrop.jpg

Zachary FarAway

Zach is a contemporary indigenous artist, a photographer and a computer tech. He is inspired by his dreams and the nomadic ways of his ancestors since childhood.

Pamela Spang.jpg

Pamela Spang

Pam has been a fabric artist since she was 12. She creates unique designs for ribbon shirts, skirts and dresses. She is known across the Crow and Northern Cheyenne reservations and beyond for her creations. 

Itchik daluam 
(It is Good You Came)

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