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The clan system is the basis of traditional Crow culture. 


Our Crow Clan Coffees inlcude:  Asshitchite - Big Lodge Clan, Billikooshe - Whisteling Water Clan, Ashkapkawiia - Bad War Deeds, Ashkaame - Piegan Clan, Xuhkaalaxche - Ties The Bundle Clan, and Uuwuutashe - Greasy Mount Clan.


A Crow child is born into his monther's clan and all her relatives become the child's grandmothers, mothers and siblings by generation.


A child has an important relationship with his or her father's clan asking them for health, a long life and a prosperous future through prayers and giving them gifts in return.


Each child has "teasing" relatives and must listen, without retort, to the advice given in a humourous way.  Once married, a Crow man may not talk to or look directly at his mother-in-law.


In keeping with these traditions, we have developed our line of Crow Clan Coffee.  With each bag, you can enjoy a cup of the same delicious coffee that we serve at the Well Known Buffalo Cofffee Shop!  We begin with the finest free-trade coffee beans and then micro-roast them on location in small batches to create the smoothest, best-tasting coffee.


Each bag contains one half-pound (8 oz) of medium roasted beans.  Choose from an assortment of labels that represent the different Crow Clans.   

Crow Clan Coffee 8 oz.

  • Returns will be accepted for fourteen (14) days following receipt of order.  All items must be returned in its original packaging with a copy of the receipt.  The Center Pole will not reimburse the cost of return postage.  Refunds will be made to the original payment method.

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